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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flymaster Avionics presents the GPS, a new intermediate instrument designed for Cross-Country flying.

The GPS has all the XC flying features of the NAV and LIVE, except those specific of competition flying.

It is a totally new instrument engineered from the LIVE, from which it inherit the new architecture, including for example the new main board and the display with its new protection.

Flymaster includes 3D AIR-SPACES  on the GPS, promoting significantly increased safety.

As the other products of the new range, the GPS allows pilots to design their own multiple screens, with the new FLYMASTER DESIGNER software.

With the user friendly DESIGNER, every pilot can enjoy designing any screen he wants, each with the data he wants, placed where he wants, in the size he wants!

No more complains about small figures: everyone can set them the favorite size!

And cross-country pilots can set up all the tricks they want for each circumstance and personal preferences! Brilliant!

The structural design of the GPS casing makes it far more sturdy than the previous range of instruments and provides high strength protection of the screen against scratches and breaking.

The Flymaster GPS is “navigation made simple” for leisure and cross-country flights, ensuring the best value for money on the market, and adding a significant increase in safety with the 3D restricted air-spaces features.

Main Features: 

  • GPS with 50 channels, high sensitivity (-160 dBm), fast start-up (< 1 second Time-To-First-Fix for hot and aided starts ), 4 Hz position update rate
  • High contrast and resolution display (320x240)
  • High sensitivity ULTRASENSE variometer (resolution of 0.01 m/s)
  • Next to climb indicator;
  • “Data Logger” with capacity for up to 300,000 points including position, velocity and altitude (833h of flight with 10s interval)
  • Wireless interface for connection of air-speed probe, temperature probes, etc.
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (up to 30 hours of flight).
  • Over 400 waypoints capacity

    Taking advantage of the Flymaster NAV's new graphic processor, which also allows gray scales and increased definition graphics, pilots can customize their own multiple screen layouts using the new FLYMASTER DESIGNER.

    Flymaster NAV includes 3D restricted flight areas, including setting alarms approach, 2D view of controlled areas and numerical data of its altitude
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Description
FirmwareFirmware9/24/2013183.00 KBDownloadv1.03o
Flymaster Firmware InstallSoftware5/8/201213.73 MBDownloadv1.6
Flymaster Firmware Install For MAC OS XSoftware3/21/2012214.10 KBDownloadV1.2
USB Driver(windows 8.1 32 & 64 bit)Drivers3/11/20141.85 MBDownload2.08.30
USB driver (windows 32 & 64bit)Drivers3/11/20141.85 MBDownload2.08.30
USB Drivers for MAC OS XDrivers4/2/2013419.94 KBDownloadversion 2.2.18
GPS user Manual(english)Manual12/3/20121.59 MBDownloadv3.2
GPS user Manual(french)Manual10/25/20121.99 MBDownloadv2.0
GPS user Manual(German)Documents6/19/20121.95 MBDownloadv1
GPS user Manual(Russian) 9/25/20132.22 MBDownloadV3.2
GPS user Manual(Portuguese)  1/7/20141.79 MBDownload 


  • Resolves issue that could cause instrument to not startup.
  • Corrected wind direction arrow.

  • 1.03l

  • New Critical Airspace browser in the main menu shows list of near aispaces.
  • Several bug corrections
  • Airspace rendering improved.
  • New inverse titles .
  • Detecting start of flight improved, now requires speed threshold to be passed and +-0.3m/s average rate of climb/sink to start.
  • New data field CTRname displays name of airspace causing the warning.
  • New Pop-up alert messages.
  • Heart rate monitor (Heart-G) new function triggers a warning when pulse passes a defined threshold.

  • 1.03b

  • Added new data field "Thermal Duration" counts time spent in recent thermal.
  • Added new data field, "Thermal Perfomance" shows average rate of climb in recent thermal.
  • Resolves bug which would cause Maxpunkte not to get 3d position fixes from the instrument track log.

  • 1.03a

  • Trace plots climb in darker lines.
  • Added track-up on task map.
  • New page browser allows switching between pages through a menu, also allows pages to be enabled or disabled directly on the instrument.
  • Start gates now take safety margin into account.
  • Expanded airspace storage capacity four fold.
  • Several minor bug corrections and translation improvements.

  • 1.02l

  • Pilot track realtime trace on task map.
  • Autozoom on trace when in thermal.
  • Temperature units can now be set to fahrenheit or celsius independently.
  • RF probe pairing improved.
  • Fixes bug where airspace was incorrectly reporting the pilot was in a polygon.

  • 1.02k

  • Normal fonts inflated for easier viewing.
  • Fixes alerts not sounding issue.
  • Battery status and installed firmware version now visible on wakeup screen.
  • Task check sum code in route screen allows for rapid verification of route correctness .

  • 1.02i

  • Fixes bug which would cause flight log to appear empty when a flight was deleted.

  • 1.02h

  • Waypoint upload 5x faster.
  • Flight data download download 20% faster.
  • Revised trigger system with auto return.
  • Additional data in on screen "flight log".
  • New route navigator function allows override to route.

  • 1.02e

  • Improved "Go To" functionality.
  • Solved issue where turn point arrival was not correctly recognized.
  • Near Airfields now working correctly.

  • 1.02d

  • Improved navigation calculation.
  • New route view map with auto zoom.
  • Several bug corrections.
  • Improved international support.

  • 1.02a

  • New "Dials" graphic element, can be used to show several types of data in a very easy to read analogue format.
  • New Vario graphic element
  • New data field Altitude Gain/Loss.
  • Resolve issue where a very specific condition which could cause the airspace validation system to run into an infinite loop.

  • 1.01y

  • Delete flight in flight log implemented.
  • Dynamic scroll bars
  • Improved airspace memory management
  • Improvements in behaviour of Menus.
  • Corrected "Goto" waypoint.

  • 1.01x

  • Wind direction calculation corrected, and symbol now appears on the compass showing direction from where wind is blowing
  • Fixed issue where airspace circles uploaded could be misinterpreted by the instrument.

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